Retro Play – “Crusader of Centy” (Part I)

Ah, a new year and a new type of video series!

Having already done videos on older games in the past, and having a passion for retro gaming, I thought I would go ahead and make an official designation for these types of playthroughs – “Retro Play.” Had I thought of this last year, I would have used it as a tag for my plays of “BS Zelda,” “Sky Blazer,” and “Act Raiser,” but rather than dwell on the past I figure it is fitting to kick off a new series under this title!

“Crusader of Centy” was released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis and is an action/RPG that really takes advantage of the system’s hardware. Many consider the game to be a Zelda clone, yet Atlus ultimately did a great job focusing on RPG elements and fun gameplay and, even if you can see the Zelda influence in this game (it is quite obvious), I think it deserves more than being classified as such. It is a game that I played when I was much younger, but sadly never finished. Thus, I am looking forward to playing through it for you guys.

This first part of the series focuses on getting accustomed to the game and playing through the first couple areas (up to where the hero, whom I aptly named Link, gets a spell cast on him to where he can communicate with plants and animals, but not people). I hope you enjoy it! =^.^=

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