“The Gaming Goddess” Podcast – Season 3, Episode 1: ‘Violent Views’

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“The Gaming Goddess” podcast is back now and kicking off its third season as 2013 gets into gear!

The show format will be taking on a slightly altered direction, which is something I discuss in the opening minutes of the show. Essentially, though, I will be working with other people more, introducing co-hosts that have agreed to help, and having even more fun with guest spots! Oh, and the show will now be every-other week, letting Season 3 clock in at a planned total of ten episodes!

This week, Rob Eubank, a good friend of mine and a co-author of the new blog “State of Flux,” co-hosts in order to talk about a wide variety of topics. Among things discussed are some of the latest TV shows we’ve seen, new and upcoming games, the Steam Box, the idea of all-in-one electronic devices encapsulating the future, and, as the episode title suggests, the worn-out argument regarding violence in video games – a matter which seems particularly relevant given the outbreak in stateside violence lately.

Music in today’s show focuses on fan works. The first is a fan remix of Richter Belmont’s theme from “Dracula X,” the second is Worm Man’s theme from the fan-made “Mega Man 11? OST by Xavier Dang, and finally an awesome OCR tune of Bubble Man from MM2 mashed with the final stage theme from MM7.

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Be sure to join us for Episode 2 in which Jeremy Stratton will be coming back as a guest and be sure to stay tuned to visit with Sarah the Rebel of “Nerdy But Flirty” in Episode 3!

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