PlayStation Plus Members Get MM9 and MM10 Free!

It almost seems like this is a Mega Man fan site lately, but maybe that’s a good thing – it speaks well of the series, at least!

This week’s PlayStation Plus subscriber update contains a combo pack of “Mega Man 9? and “Mega Man 10? free for all subscribers!  It’s a great deal, and one you should jump on if you like the series and are a member!  Keep in mind, though, that this pack (dubbed “Mega Man 9 and 10?) does not contain any of the optional DLC that was made for these games, but you can still pick those up relatively cheaply anyway.

Who knows, with “Street Fighter X Mega Man” having done very well, perhaps if a bunch of people download this Capcom will consider making another classic series title (hopefully not in 8-bit though this time)?

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