Sign-up for the “Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” Beta!

It’s no secret that the revamped version of “Final Fantasy XIV,” subtitled “A Realm Reborn,” is on the horizon, despite the fact that it did not make its 2012 release window.  Yet, the developers feel pretty confident that the game will be released sometime in 2013, and they need your help.  As of today, sign-ups for the beta testing phase of the game are now underway, so if you would like to get a sneak-peek at the content that is coming in the future, be sure to sign up here for the beta (or search for the appropriate site if you do not live in North America)!

FFXIV received a lot of flack when it released for feeling very incomplete, and yet regardless it had a pretty dedicated pool of players.  This revamped version will hopefully make up for the failings of the first version, and hopefully it will restore the magic that was FFXI (a game I enjoyed for some time).

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