“Soda Drinker Pro?”

Today, I received an email about the strangest of games – “Soda Drinker Pro.”

In some ways, I’m not totally sure that it’s a “game” per se.  But, it is billed as a “Soda Drinking Simulation” and, perhaps jokingly (or not?), says that it will take the “First-Person Soda” (FPS) genre by storm.  Very strange indeed!  Yet, it is at its heart a silly little game where you walk around various colorful locales and sip on some soda, and even if that doesn’t constitute much of a game I can at least appreciate the whimsy of its designer, Will.  For a game that was created by a man who was supposedly thirsty at the time, it’s…Inventive!

To find out more about this strange, free game, head on over to its homepage.

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