An End-of-the-Year Message

Since Thanksgiving of this year, things have slowed down a fair bit here at Anjel Syndicate.  I’m sure most of you who regularly view the site are more than aware of this and even you all who just come here once in a while (or may have stumbled upon us for the very first time today) can see this simply by looking at the dates on the latest posts.  Yet, this is what happens when you have a small, close-knit group of people who have embarked on such a journey as this, and during the more festive, family-driven times of year like this we all have to (and often want to, but not for a lack of passion for this site) step away from the keyboard, take an extended AFK, and enjoy time with friends and family.

My holidays were spent traveling out of town to visit with my parents, my mother’s parents, and my aunt and uncle down on the coast for a few days and I must say that I really did enjoy it.  Every year people in my family say that they hope that Christmas gets smaller and that people stop feeling obligated to buy expensive gifts for each other, yet each year Christmas seems to get bigger and bigger.  This year, I think, was the biggest yet!

Still, things should be picking up here at Anjel Syndicate once 2013 gets under way.  If many of the rumors are to be believed, there will be quite a bit to cover in coming months, especially if Sony and Microsoft really get into the game starting this coming year.  Also, from what I understand, this site will be getting an overhaul hopefully in coming months, will really work to involve the community more, and will even have forums that people can interact with us better on.  In 2013, we may also kick some of our various media back into gear or even toy with some new stuff.  This year, we worked on some video gameplay content and reviews and even did some podcasting, and the hope is that we will continue this in 2013.

I know that Season 3 of my podcast, “The Gaming Goddess” (hosted on my main blog Allahweh’s Domain in conjunction with AS), will pick up here in the coming weeks, but I will need to figure out how exactly I want to handle the show both in Season 3 and in 2013 in general.  It is a lot of work to set up guest spots, come up with weekly topics, record the show, edit it, and get it all set to go within a set weekly timeframe, and frankly, my energy lately has been a bit low.  I am toying with doing the show every-other week perhaps instead of weekly, but I am also considering potentially picking up a co-host or some kind of helper for the show to take some of the burden and stress away from me.  Anyone that is interested in the latter can get in touch with me about it (email me at: and we can see what we want to do.

Regardless, everyone here at Anjel Syndicate wishes you all a wonderful 2013 and we look forward to you continuing this journey with us! ^.^

About Jessica "Allahweh" Brown
Anjel Syndicate's former Review Editor, Allahweh has been an avid female gamer, role-player, and game collector for many, many years. More information about her can be found at her blog, Allahweh's Domain: You may also follow her on Twitter if you wish at: @Allahweh.

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