Wintersday Comes to Tyria!


Wintersday, one of the popular seasonal periods from the original “Guild Wars,” has come to the lands of Tyria in “Guild Wars 2!”

Wintersday, the second seasonal event to come to GW2, features the “Wondrous Workshop of the Toymaker Tixx” – a massive airship that serves as the toy shop for an Asuran inventor named Tixx.  Starting on December 15, Tixx begins his journey by visiting each of the major cities in Tyria and is scheduled to arrive in Lion’s Arch on December 20, where he will remain until January 3, 2013.  Tixx is being hosted as a guest in each city (and has been invited to be the guest of honor by the Captain’s Council in Lion’s Arch) where he will be making unique items for those players who approach him.  But, fear not: Should you miss out on one of his visits to a particular area, you will be able to visit him in Lion’s Arch throughout the remainder of the holiday and will be able to craft those objects you missed out on.

Other fun things of note for Wintersday include a special, magical area called “The Snow Globe” where you can participate in a special PvP snowball fight match or play an instrument in a holiday choir, a new jumping puzzle that is located in a special area of the Snow Globe, special holiday items for sale in the Gem Store, special random holiday events spread all throughout the game world, new crafting recipes, and a few other fun things!


As stated, you have through January 3 to enjoy the festivities, so, if you play “Guild Wars 2,” take your time and enjoy Wintersday!

Oh, and enjoy the actual Holidays too!


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