“RPG Maker VX Ace: Lite” is Available!

Enterbrain has had a hold on the do-it-yourself RPG market for many years now, and their latest product, “RPG Maker VX Ace,” has been very well-received.  Anyone who has spent any sort of time with the software knows that it is rather easy to use, yet if you take the time to master all the features it can provide you can make studio-level games right at home, by yourself!  In fact, a quick glance at titles available on the Apple AppStore or on Google Play will show you that many RPGs there are made with various programs designed by this company.

What’s really neat, though, is that Enterbrain wants to give people a chance to make use of their software on a free-to-use, non-commercial basis.  Because of this, they’ve released a new program, “RPG Maker VX Ace: Lite,” which is, as the name would belie, a lighter version of the commercial program.  Yet, don’t let this fool you: This “lite” version actually contains pretty much all the features of their previous program, “RPG Maker VX,” and features a few of the new functions available in this latest application.  This is great for those that want to fool around with the program and make some games, yet who aren’t interested in developing them for a commercial audience.

If you like game designing and want to toy around with this, head on over to their product’s website and download the files!

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