World of Tanks Update 8.2 in Development, Includes Chinese Tanks announced today that they are hard at work on the next update for their popular World of Tanks MMO. Recently released update 8.0 brought players all new British tanks; coming next in Update 8.2 along with some updates and changes will see the arrival of some initial Chinese tanks.

Update 8.2 will invite players to experience the very best in Chinese tank development, across 17 new armored vehicles. The new Chinese tech tree will be composed of modifications on the Soviet, French, British, and American combat machines, and will also include a number of the Chinese-made tanks that never went into mass production.

“The Chinese not only produced their own tanks, but also evolved their own unique designs through the modification and improvement of some of the best foreign machines on the planet,” said Mike Zhivets, producer of World of Tanks. “The time has come for the Chinese to show their technical achievements. So, prepare to face the speed, hardiness and firepower of the best of People’s Liberation Army!”

A large majority of the Chinese designs were influenced by the Soviet Union, but also modified with Western technologies. Thus, Chinese tanks often featured the best possible traits from their foreign counterparts: the maneuverability of the American tanks, the shooting accuracy of the Brits, the fast firing of the French and the sheer power of the Soviets. Some notable names on the list include the light tank Type 62 (WZ131), the medium tank Type 59, and the heavy IS-2U.

In addition to the new Chinese Tree, there are a few other things coming with 8.2 that you might find interesting:

Map Updates:

  • Prokhorovka
  • Redshire
  • Erlenberg
  • Ruinberg

*We’ll gradually be retouching all of the maps and making visual improvements with each update.

Introduction of new Premium Tanks:

  •  FCM 50t – French Tier 7 Heavy
  • TOG-2 – British Tier 6 Heavy
  • AT-15A British Tier 7 Tank Destroyer

Introduction of new American Tanks:

Light Tanks

  • T21
  • T71

Medium Tanks

  • T69
  • T54

Heavy Tanks

  • T57

Please keep in mind that all topics and items here are still in the developmental stages and may change before implementation, or may not make it into the next update if they are not complete or tested.

For now, and until we have word of a release date for the next update you can check out the Chinese Tank teaser trailer below…

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