Nexon Announces the Official Launch of The Grinns Tale on Facebook and Kongregate

NEXON Co.Ltd., a worldwide leader in free-to-play online games, welcomes one and all to experience the charm and fun of The Grinns Tale, the company’s latest role-playing adventure, which launches today – for free – on Facebook and Kongregate. Following a wildly successful beta phase, the game’s launch brings new levels to explore, new equipment to craft and collect, new enemies to vanquish, and much more.

Let the Grinns take you on the adventure of a lifetime. Recruit a party of wacky cohorts, establish a base of operations so you can craft gear and produce battle supplies, and then venture up a mysterious Tower to fight monsters and discover the dark truth of your world.

With The Grinns Tale, Nexon is pushing the idea of a free-to-play, browser-based game forward, delivering exceptionally deep gameplay, uncommon in so-called “social games.” The game shakes that label even more vigorously with a focus on story-driven, single-player adventuring, beautiful art direction, and a distinct lack of prompts to “Share this!”

Dive in and play the game now on Facebook or Kongregate.

Here Are Some Fun Stats From the Beta:

Times a Grinn did work: 76,180,415 (Now if only everyone worked this hard)

Metal Harvested: 7,924,550,614
Wood Harvested: 14,643,771,560

Number of croissants eaten: 2,951,753 (that’s a lot of buttery goodness)
Number of muffins eaten: 2,547,497
Number of bananas eaten: 474,677

Number of times each character class entered battle:
Adventurer – 25,711,701
Archer – 20,707,467
Berserker – 11,138,008
Cleric – 20,851,766
Knight – 18,739,768
Wizard – 17,501,942

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