Allahweh of Anjel Syndicate to Appear on Massively GW2 Stream on October 19!

On October 19, 2012 I have been invited to participate in a live-streaming session of “Guild Wars 2″ for the fine folks over at Massively TV.  The stream will begin at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific and anyone who wants to come and watch us play some GW2 while discussing various aspects of traits and builds (and likely other things) is more than welcome to watch!

Be sure to follow this link right here at around 10PM Eastern tomorrow and join us for some fun!

About Jessica "Allahweh" Brown
Anjel Syndicate's former Review Editor, Allahweh has been an avid female gamer, role-player, and game collector for many, many years. More information about her can be found at her blog, Allahweh's Domain: You may also follow her on Twitter if you wish at: @Allahweh.

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