Paradox Releases New Map Editor for Naval War: Arctic Circle

Paradox Interactive is releasing a new Map Editor today for Naval War: Arctic circle today to provide players with all the fun of making their own maps and missions. It’s being provided for free so you can update your copy of the game with it and get in there to create to your lil heart’s content.

The Naval War: Arctic Circle mission editor gives you:

  • Access to all game units and free distribution on the game map
  • Full control of initial unit grouping, waypoints and weapon loads
  • Full configurability of airfields and flight decks, and custom setup of aircraft units types and amounts
  • Simple selection of victory condition types from the game
  • Use of any units from any nation found in the game on any side
  • Hosting of multiplayer games using any custom mission
  • Steam Workshop integration for simple sharing and downloading of any community created mission
  • Option to create unique mission preview image

Along with the release of the editor comes a new trailer for your viewing pleasure, check it out below.

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