[E32012] Interesting SquareEnix Tech Demo “Agni’s Philosophy” Surfaces

Amongst all the news, trailers, and other hotness that always comes with E3 year after year, interesting things do happen. Such is the case with this “Final Fantasy” Tech Demo from SquareEnix, titled “Agni’s Philosophy” which shows off their Luminous Engine that they revealed at E3 today which popped up among my Youtube news feed tonight.

This nearly 4 minute short demo, is full of all kinds of interesting things and of course ends with Final Fantasy scrawled everywhere. There’s also a site to go along with it the video, including some screen captures, a survey for the trailer, and a banner at the bottom proclaiming SquareEnix is hiring.

Drop on by http://www.agnisphilosophy.com/en/index.html to check out the survey if you like. Now though, on to the tech demo!

To read about the presentation, check out GameInformer’s coverage of the reveal as they’ve got the bases covered it would appear.

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