Konami Announces Facebook Puzzle Adventure Game “Puzzle Chasers” Coming Soon

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced that Puzzle Chasers, an all-new puzzle adventure game, is coming this Summer for Facebook. An exciting spin on the classic, family-friendly jigsaw puzzle game, Puzzle Chasers tests player’s puzzle skills as they try to find the correct puzzle pieces to complete a picture before time runs out.

Someone is stealing the world’s greatest landmarks and it’s up to the player to put the pieces together to save them. Follow Roxy, Blake and their faithful monkey, Austin, in an adventure across the globe. Featuring innovative gameplay and stunning visuals, Story Mode features over a hundred different jigsaw puzzles as well as an addicting, fast-paced Blitz Mode with new puzzles introduced weekly!

In Puzzle Chasers, each level of the game starts with an incomplete puzzle. The player selects an empty space on the puzzle board and is presented with two to five random pieces that they need to pick to fit in the space. If correct, the piece is placed to help complete the picture. There’s a limited amount of time to complete the puzzle and players can follow the story or repeat any puzzle they have completed by looking in their journal. To add to the difficulty, puzzle pieces are randomized so the player will never play the same puzzle twice. The game also gets more difficult the further a player progresses, so various power-ups and unlockables will be available to help complete the journey!

Puzzle Chasers will be available this Summer on Facebook. For more information, please visit http://www.facebook.com/ThePuzzleChasers.

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