Requiem – Survive the Night in the Newly Launched Web Browser Version

Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), today announced the launch of the browser version of their popular dark-fantasy MMO title, Requiem.  Through the magic of the Kalydo service (, players can choose between downloading the traditional client or playing via web browser.  Now log into your favorite game faster, with no client to download, and have the same experience as the full downloadable client!  Players can head over to the official website at sign up and jump straight into their existing characters, or to begin a new adventure!

Requiem was originally launched in 2008 to rave reviews as one of the only “mature” MMOs available on the market.  From its roots as a humble title, Requiem has established itself as a rich dark fantasy world where players choose a life fraught with danger within one of the four remaining races.  Take up the cause of all humanoids within a total of 24 classes as they combat mutant creatures and the mysterious Dark Creatures which have begun to appear after the sun sets.

Boasting a monster spawn mechanic that changes what a player faces depending on the time:  the safer Daytime Monsters roam from 5am to 7pm, and should present a level-appropriate challenge one-on-one, but beware!  During the dead of night, from 11pm to 3am the dreaded Nightmare Monsters appear.  These terrifying creatures are marked with a blood red eye, and it will take a full party of 8 characters to challenge these monstrosities.  A full 24 hour Requiem day passes over the course of two “real world” hours.

April has several ongoing events, including a GoCash sale, regularly scheduled PVP matches, Web Client Launch Event, Hosted In-game activities, multiple sweepstakes with a chance to win Amazon eGift Cards, and a 5% conversion bonus for WP Energy!  Players can follow the official news for Requiem on Facebook at

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