Video Review: “Cubemen” (PC)

TITLE: “Cubemen”

DEVELOPER: 3Sprockets

PUBLISHER: 3Sprockets

GENRE: RTS/Tower Defense

PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows (also on some mobile devices)

RATING: Not Rated

RELEASE DATE: March 16, 2012

“Cubemen” is an isometric 3D real-time strategy and tower defense game created by indie developer 3Sprocket.  It was released on March 16, 2012 for the PC and various mobile devices.  You can view our video review of the game right here:

What we like about this game:

  • It’s an interesting hybrid of RTS and Tower Defense gameplay.
  • There is a decent variety of both player-controlled and enemy units.
  • Matches are quite involved but do not drag on for so long as to bore the player.
  • While quite simplistic, the graphical style is crisp.
  • The game features interesting level designs.

What we are not as fond of:

  • There are a few grammar and typographical errors in the game.
  • The game could use a larger variety of enemy and player models.
  • There really is no story.


7.0 – “Solid – A rather solid game, though a few missteps were made.”

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