Review: “Defenders of Ardania” (PC)

TITLE: “Defenders of Ardania”

PUBLISHER: Paradox Interactive

DEVELOPER: Most Wanted Entertainment

GENRE: Tower Defense

PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows

RATING: Teen (13+)

RELEASE DATE: March 14, 2012

Some of you will recall reading about this game last October when we reviewed a beta build of the title.  Back then, the game was scheduled for a December 6, 2011 release.  Obviously, December has come and gone, but the game was just finally released on March 14.

The question is: Has anything changed?

Rather than give you a blow-by-blow of how this game plays and what my impressions are, I will direct you to our preview article from October 14, 2011.

Are they running into the fray or running away from this game?

On a basic level, this game has a lot of potential.  Sure, it’s not the most original game out there, but its presentation is nice, it has a passable story, and the graphics are quite good for a game in this genre.  What’s more, the game has an excellent sound-track; in fact, I think the sound-track might be this game’s one saving grace!  Much of this, however, is buried by the not-so-good factors.  The controls and hot-keys still leave a lot to be desired, the story is rather bland, and the game suffers from quite a few glitches, some of them game-ending.  In fact, I had done a fresh install of the game in order to write this review, and yet I repeatedly kept witnessing crashes.  In fact, the game didn’t even say why they were happening.  I had to dig around the error logs to figure out it was some sort of run-time problem, and the only way to get around that was to reinstall the whole game.  You’d think that having all this extra time to iron out bugs that Paradox would have had a much cleaner build ready for us to play and review.

When I realized I’d have to do the reinstall, one thought came to my mind: Is it really even worth it for this of all games?

I’d normally answer no, but I had to give the game a fair shot anyway.

To sum up: If you really, really, really like tower defense games then you might want to consider giving this one a try…But if you do, check out a console version of the game.  Otherwise, you should pass this one up.

FINAL SCORE: 3.0 - “Hard-core Fans Only!”

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