Azkend – Get it on Your Android Device for 99 Cents Before the Sequel Releases

10tons announced today the release of Azkend for Android. The game is available on Google Play immediately. To celebrate the upcoming release of Azkend 2: The World Beneath, the price will be only $0.99/0.79€ until the release of the sequel.

Azkend is an easy to pick up puzzle game that offers hours of high quality entertainment. The goal is to string together items to create chains of three or more. Matching will make the pieces disappear and turn tiles on the board. Once all the tiles have been turned blue, the level is almost over. To finish the level the player has to move a special item from the top to the bottom of the game board.

Throughout the game the player can earn eight powerful talismans and benefit from their helpful powers. Azkend features several hand painted sceneries and envelops the player into an awe inspiring but relaxing atmosphere. Azkend has two game modes: Adventure and Challenge.

“As the release date of Azkend 2 draws closer, we wanted to make the first installment available on Android too. Azkend has been really popular on several platforms so we hope that Android users will find the game entertaining as well.”, commented Sampo Töyssy from 10tons.

In addition to the full version, there is a free version available. The free version offers an introductory journey to the world of Azkend.

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