Video Review: “Deep Black: Reloaded”

TITLE: “Deep Black: Reloaded”

DEVELOPER: Biart Company, LLC

PLATFORM: Microsoft Windows

GENRE: Third-Person Shooter

RATING: Mature (17+)

RELEASE DATE: March 1, 2012

The concept of a video review is something that is new for us here at Anjel Syndicate, but we thought it might be something interesting in order to change the pace a bit.  Video reviews allow us to showcase original footage and opinions in a way that will demonstrate what we see in these games as we play them and, hopefully, allow you to see how we arrive at the scores that we do.  Since this is our first video of this nature, please keep in mind that it is a growing process for us, so if you see something that is incorrect or out of place, don’t worry: We will always strive to improve.

Here are the highlights of the review for your reference:

GAMEPLAY: It’s been a while since I’ve played and enjoyed a third-person shooter, yet this game seems to get the formula right.  I really enjoyed the underwater segments of the game and, unlike many other games that attempt underwater shenanigans, this one’s controls just feel natural.  On land, however, movement (even at a solid 60 FPS) seems sluggish and kind of like an afterthought, but overall the game features enough new things (like underwater play, grappling hooks, etc.) to make up for this.

STORY: The game’s near-future setting of 2047 actually works realistically-well.  The story is well thought out and easily engrossing.  Although there are times when I felt there were too many cinematics and would have preferred to return to the action, the story does add a bit of flavor to the experience.

GRAPHICS: “Deep Black: Reloaded” features nice, very realistic graphics and runs well to boot.  The game consistently ran at the 60 frames-per-second mark for me the entire time I played it on the absolute highest settings.  Underwater, the graphics are very true-to-life.

SOUND: The game’s soundtrack is nice and fits well with the environments, yet what is best to me is that the voice acting is done very well.  The actors and actresses they got to do the parts seem to really enjoy their work, which makes all the difference.

You can purchase the game directly from Biart (an independent game development studio) although it is available through other methods.  Ports of the game to the PlayStation 3 and XBox 360 will be happening later in 2012 (estimated to be in the summer) and an online multiplayer game is due to release in the fourth quarter of this year.



As a final note, my system specs and the settings and performance I got from this game are as follows:

CPU: Quad-core AMD at 2.8 GHz


GPU: GeForce GTX clocked at 4104MHz with 4GB of available video memory

SETTINGS: Maxed out


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