GamesCom 2011 – NC Soft and Carbine present Wildstar

 The trailer for this new game is great. It is a mix of 80s action movies, 80s cartoons and Anime and  I love it.  However there isn’t much know about the new MMO, other than it is the long in development game from Carbine studios. The website (click here) doesn’t have much on the game right now but the website Rock, Paper, Shotgun has filled us in with a few details:

Combat, Collecting, Building and Exploring: pick one when you create your character, and that’s going to play a big part in how you gain experience, find loot and level up. Rather than simply doing the quest or killing fields treadmill, in theory you’re making your own path. If you’re a Combat guy, certain points and objects enable you to incite, essentially, a public quest: a wave of angry monsters to chop/shoot/magic to pieces, building in numbers and ferocity and eventually to big-arse boss fights. (You can apparently tackle at least some of these solo, by the way). Concentrate on this and scrolling impatiently quest text will essentially be a thing of the past for you, because instead you’re setting up your own fights and resultant rewards.

There is much more to the article and you can read it by clicking here.

Another MMO to keep my eye on.  I am kind of surprised, I thought all the “Cool MMO” ideas had been used up.   The pricing for this game isn’t known yet either. I hope they either make it free to play or “Buy the box and is free to play online.” I don’t really want to play a monthly subscription fee for any game anymore.

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