Road to Skyrim – Daggerfall

After much pondering and soul searching, I decided to rename my “The Elder Scrolls Experiment” series of articles “Road to Skyrim.” Since that is really a much cooler name and one I didn’t think of when planning these out.  It does fit so much better…

On to the adventure!

The Elder Scrolls - Daggerfall

After wondering around the vast flat plains of Arena for awhile and finding a dungeon and promptly getting killed, I decided to give the sequel, named Daggerfall, a spin. Daggerfall is the game that really started the transition to the modern Elder Scrolls series as we know it.  However Daggerfall wasn’t quite the huge hit that later installments would be. Yet it is the game that cemented the reputation of Bethesada as a good RPG creator and a great game design company. Some would say it is the best of the series, topping Morrowind with the immense size and broad customization options.

What do I think? I already like the game better than Arena.  It is mainly because I actually have a bit of control over customizing my controls.  Is it better than Morrowing or Oblivion? I’m not sure about that yet.  I need to play more to see for myself.

Once again I have to use the venerable Dosbox to run this game, as it was released in the time before Windows became the dominate OS.  It is obvious that the game is much better, graphic wise, though it seems to be using the same engine as Arena After selecting race (Nord from Skyrim,) Class (Barbarian) and background I wake up in a room. Taking a cue from the first game, I’m is dropped in to a dungeon and has to fight my way out. Although the dungeon isn’t the easiest, the layout seems much more clear and designed. However I did have to reload my saves plenty of times, once again the starting dungeon does not go easy on the noob player.

Daggerfall Dungeon 1

Not that I am complaining. Being challenged feels good actually.

From the start I can see many upgrades to the experience over Arena. There is actually a way to rebind the control keys for the game, which is really nice. I can now use the familiar and more modern W, A, S, D set up.  This allows me to move and have the magic keyin a much easier to reach place.  The game does bring back the ‘hold the right mouse button to swing the sword’ mechanic, however. I am unsure why but it is slower in this game than it is in Arena. In fact many of the monsters and NPCs are much slower or actually more evenly paced. I don’t know if it s because each game responds to my much more modern PC in a unique manner or if that is how the games were back in ‘the day.’  The graphics for the game seem to be much more colorful and better animated than in Arena as well, although (as I mentioned before) it does feel like the same engine.

Daggerfall Configuration

There is also a ‘mouse view’ mode in this game, although it is not the default mode. Activating it does make the game control much more like Morrowind and Oblivion. The space bar is used to activate and interact with items and there is no longer a cursor for turning and picking up/activating objects while mouse view is active.  I find this control scheme suites me well. However, I did not realize it existed until after reaching the first town.  I went through the entire first dungeon using the older scheme with the exception of the movement keys being rebound.

After leaving the first dungeon and reaching the first town, I walked around a bit. After I figured out the control scheme could be completely changed, I actually started to enjoy the game much more. I decided to do things like kill innocent villagers and see what the guards did. I mean, that is a must right? After slaughtering one blonde clone I heard a dinstinct order to stop. I didn’t, of course, and ended up fighting the guard. I won the fight. This was no doubt because of my excellent new control scheme! Using the space bar I was able to loot the body and came up with some armor and a morning star.

Daggerfall First town

I would try to sell these good to a shop but I decided to quit. Of course I didn’t save the game since I Love playing the good guy…

What is the games plot? I totally lost it. I guess I’ll have to read through m journal to catch myself up.

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  1. Ben L.
    06/21/2011 at 09:17

    Pretty much all you need to know about the game’s plot is in the intro FMV. After you tootle around a while you’ll get a message to visit such-and-such at such-a-place, if you wish to continue the main quest.

  2. 06/21/2011 at 09:28

    Yeah I don’t really remember the opening FMV, I need to go back and rewatch it. I know I watched it but I just some how do not remember any of the story. I guess it must be really riveting, heh. I’ll see about finding the intro on youtube for each of the games and posting them here on AS.

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