Bungie Challenges Destiny Players In The Crucible

destiny box art

  Bungie, developers of Destiny have challenged their fans to multiplayer battles in the crucible.  Players will have the opportunity to test their skills in the games multiplayer arena known as the crucible against a team consisting of various members…

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Chaos Heroes Online Closed Beta Has Begun

Chaos Heroes Online - free Closed Beta skins

Chaos Heroes Online, the action-packed multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) from Aeria Games, is beginning its Closed Beta phase today. Players ready to step up to the challenge can sign up now at ChaosHeroes-Online.com. To coincide with the start of…

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Experience The Collider – The Fastest Game on Steam

The Collider

Shortbreak Studios’ high-speed arcade game The Collider has come to Steam and is available now. The Collider lets you get inside a particle accelerator and experience unbelievable velocity previously reserved only to the most advanced laboratories on Earth. It is…

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(Review) Destiny [Playstation 4]

Destiny Speaker

Title: Destiny Developer: Bungie Publisher: Activision & Sony Computer Entertainment Genre: First-person shooter, Adventure, RPG Platform: Playstation 3 & 4, XBox 360, XBox One Price: $59.99 Rating: T (Teen) – Although online play may change rating Release Date: September 9,…

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